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3D Printing

The molecular gelator N-heptyl-D-galactonamide can be 3D printed by a solvent exchange process. A solution of the molecular gelator in dimethylsulfoxyde (DMSO) is injected in a bath of water. Gelation is fast, triggered by the diffusion of water inside the dimethylsulfoxide jet.

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3D printing
3D printing topography
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Adapt a syringe with a blunt tip needle (gauge 30G) to a head following a XYZ 3D pattern with a printing speed between of 4 mm/s. Inject the solution of the molecular gelator N-heptyl-D-galactonamide in DMSO (40 mg/mL) at a flow rate of 10 ┬ÁL/min in the water bath (the blunt tip plunges in a stationary bath of water and is close to the bottom surface). The gel sets within a few seconds in contact with water to form the pattern.